Energy Trading Week Americas

October 29-30, 2024 | The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, Texas, USA

Energy markets in North America are changing at a breathtaking pace. The drive towards renewable energy is in full swing, with state-of-the-art renewable generation assets and advancements in battery storage providing greater output and reliability than every before. Development of carbon capture and hydrogen projects are reducing the carbon footprint of the hardest-to-decarbonize industries. At the same time, the traditional fossil fuels industry continues to grow, providing the same bedrock stability at home, as well as fueling the growth of emerging markets – all while reducing their own carbon footprint through advancements in technology, biofuels and participation in environmental markets.

However, ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Europe have the potential to inflict chaos, as does the prospect of one of the most tumultuous US presidential races in the nation’s history. Energy trading technology, led largely by advancements in Artificial Intelligence and other automation technologies, are increasing the pace at which the market does business. And, as the world markets become more connected, the potential for disruption by “outlier” events is higher than ever before.

Energy Trading Week Americas tackles the issues that are shaping the energy industry. Taking a cross-commodity approach, this must-attend annual gathering is the place where the industry gathers to discuss the issues shaping the market, through multiple comprehensive content tracks, including:

  • Energy Trading Risk Summit: Exploring the tools and tactics that leading risk practitioners are implementing, allowing their organizations to survive and thrive in challenging times.
  • Trading Digitalization: An in-depth look at ETRM, AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain, RPA and the challenges inherent in aligning a company’s people, business objectives and technological solutions.
  • Renewables & Battery Storage Market Dynamics: New markets mean new methods to manage complex new market challenges. Find out how leading companies are managing their trading and risk strategies in these markets.
  • Environmental Markets Forum: In-depth analysis of the voluntary and compliance carbon markets in the Americas.
  • Plenary Sessions: Gain insight from senior executives discussing the big-picture issues facing our industry.

Do you work for an energy trading company? You may qualify for a complimentary VIP pass. There is a limited inventory of these passes, and they are being distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t miss this chance to participate in the commercial trading event of 2024 – as our guest! Submit your application today!

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